The Red Review podcast with Jeremy and Mike

The Red Review is a podcast for bidding, proposals and procurement people, discussing everything from RfPs and PQQs through to bid strategy, team development, marketing and business development.

Your hosts are Jeremy and Mike.

Jeremy is the founder of Growth Ignition, a marketing, business development, capture and bidding consulting, training and enabling tech company. Mike is a business development and bidding specialist, with over 10 years experience working in, and leading, large work winning teams.


Is bidding a hobby or business critical?

Episode 3: In this episode Mike and Jeremy debate the importance of bidding and proposals within successful businesses. Does your board see bidding as business critical or is it something people do in their spare time?   

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The time Mike and Jeremy became instagram models

Episode 2: Join Mike and Jeremy as they interview Charlotte Rees, founder of Women in Bids and Proposals. They discuss the WiBAP movement and conference, as well finding our Charlotte's bidding heaven and hell. 

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The £1 bet that changed my life

Episode 1: In this episode Mike and Jeremy introduce themselves, discuss their journeys into the world of bids and proposals and a set out what you can expect from the Red Review podcast.

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