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Swipe right for mentorship

Providing ongoing mentorship can be impractical for busy professionals. With STEAMRole, the idea is to empower professionals to easily share their stories with students and young professionals.“We want to make it easy for role models to give back and who want to mentor,” STEAMRole founder and CEO Clarence Wooten said. “We do it in a way that’s like creating a Snapchat story, and then followers can subscribe to content.”

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Shortage of Project Managers may delay major construction and infrastructure programmes


We’ve never seen such an increase in demand for project management, commercial and financial skills across infrastructure and government at the same time. Combined with the geographic nature of infrastructure programmes, decision makers in most regions can’t assume the skills are there and need to think creatively and embrace better ways of working to ensure that they can deliver projects in a way that provides value for money.

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The unsustainable truth about the UK construction market

If the UK construction industry’s top 10 largest contractors had combined their most recent turnover figures, they would have posted a revenue of £31.9bn. At the same time, combining the pre-tax profit/loss figures for those same 10 companies would leave you with a loss of £52.9m – and an average pre-tax margin of -0.5 per cent.

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Why business culture matters; and how inspirational people make a difference to it.

Business culture is the most important factor in a successful business. 

Your bottom line is directly impacted by culture; staff satisfaction and happiness, employee retention, utilisation and profitability and even the rate at which your bills are paid can call be linked back to the culture your business has developed. 

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