Why you need to keep learning

Why you need to keep learning

I’ve been playing with instagram stories for a few months. And, after upgrading from a Windows phone, I can now explore snapchat, musical.ly and a whole host of apps never previously had access to.

The countless selfies, jaunty angled shots of my working life, and now videos of me traveling the country supporting my team have been more than just a vanity project.

I’m learning.

I’m learning to tell stories in a different medium than simple prose and diagrams on an A4 piece of paper, learning what grabs attention and what comes across as dull, arrogant or just a bit weird. Because attention is key to making change in the world.

Get people’s attention, get people’s interest, and you’re on track to change opinions, mindsets and ultimately culture for the better.

So why does this matter to me?

One of my favourite bid people once told me the job of a good bid writer is to help technical people tell their story. And with bidding, pitching and getting teams on board with new ideas a big part of my life, telling stories and convincing people is a skill-set I constantly have to hone and develop as times change.

When I started as a bid writer, tenders were big thick tomes of complex methodologies, seemingly written to bamboozle the reader, trying to impress them with jargon and terminology. But over the last few years the industry has rocketed forward.

The design of information on a page and how it helps you tell your story, has become both a science and an artform, and those who haven’t embraced the more graphical style of bidding have been left behind.

I believe our industry will continue at pace, and video, interactive graphics, apps, will become the norm within the bidding industry over the next ten years.

So why not be an early adopter!

The process of always learning and challenging the way things have traditionally been done is a big part of my career journey. Trying out new things is a big part of my development experience, and as such I love the opportunity to test out new platforms, tools and systems.

If you want to see what I’m up to, follow me on Instagram for videos, Twitter for social commentary (views are my own etc etc) and LinkedIn for my views on the construction and property industry.

Hopefully I add value and in return you help me improve my storytelling and ability to engage an audience!

I originally posted this on Medium in January 2017.

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