Do I have an unhealthy work-life balance?

A big debate that seems to come up time and time again is work-life balance; what is healthy, what is unhealthy and what is a little bit weird...

I wrote a short piece on previously on France's right to disconnect legislation (check it out here and please share with your colleagues on LinkedIn and Twitter if you enjoyed the read), and it's got me thinking. Is my work-life balance unhealthy?

A few people have suggested I work to much. But I think the viewpoint on how much is "too much" depends on four things:

  1. How the way you work affects your health,
  2. How the way you work affects others,
  3. How effective you work during the hours you put in, and
  4. How much you want to achieve your long term goals, be those business, career or personal.

In measuring my own work-life balance, I'm comfortable that every hour I put into the Pick Everard business advances my career and delivers the outcomes I need to move forward projects and initiatives. Balancing the time allocated to each project I support is sometimes challenging, but being available and promptly responding to requests for help or guidance has meant I have been able to develop a solid network and team who will support me through the busy periods.

The key area I need to work on, and I imagine some may agree with me on this, is the impact my working style has on others.

I love the Mark Zuckerburg quote above, and after first hearing it a few years ago it's really stuck with me as a positive demonstration of what commitment in business really means. However, as my working hours have extended, and as I've become more connected with my team and peers through social networks, apps like WhatsApp, and email, I've had to become more aware that not everyone wants to be thinking about a new project at 2am in the morning.

So, as a takeaway from this article, I would like to share a couple of resolutions I've made this year.

  • I am trying to avoid sending emails outside normal working hours, unless I have an established relationship with that person and know they'll be expecting the contact.
  • I will ring people more, and email less, as this forces me to contact people when they're at work, not at home.

Sticking with these resolutions requires me to change how I work, but I hope in the long term it means my impact on others is more productive and less disruptive.

Achieving a healthy work-life balance is critical for all of us, I'd be interested to hear your perspectives and views on the subject!