Swipe right for mentorship

Providing ongoing mentorship can be impractical for busy professionals. With STEAMRole, the idea is to empower professionals to easily share their stories with students and young professionals.“We want to make it easy for role models to give back and who want to mentor,” STEAMRole founder and CEO Clarence Wooten said. “We do it in a way that’s like creating a Snapchat story, and then followers can subscribe to content.”

Why there's a role for everyone in construction

The interesting thing about the construction industry is that following a linear career path isn’t the only way to make a difference and find a career you love. This is my story of how I came to join one of the most exciting and fastest growing companies in the industry, Mace, and why when all seems lost, there’s always another avenue to explore in our industry.

Shortage of Project Managers may delay major construction and infrastructure programmes


We’ve never seen such an increase in demand for project management, commercial and financial skills across infrastructure and government at the same time. Combined with the geographic nature of infrastructure programmes, decision makers in most regions can’t assume the skills are there and need to think creatively and embrace better ways of working to ensure that they can deliver projects in a way that provides value for money.

The power of introverts

Every month my team at Pick Everard took  an hour out of the day to watch TED talks. It gave us a chance to learn together, debate and build a stronger relationship and understanding of each other's positions.  

One of the most popular videos we watched was The Power of Introverts by Susan Cain.